The Bridge: About


Bridge/Lemmatizer allows you to create a lemmatization spreadsheet for a Latin or Greek text.  The lemmatizer will automatically lemmatize only those words whose forms match a single dictionary lemma, leaving the rest for you to complete by hand (unambiguous lemmatization). You can select the format of the lemmata (Morpheus or Bridge). 

Quickstart Guide to Lemmatization

A quick guide to lemmatization (from a lemmatization sheet to completed data).


Git-Classical/Bridge: a public Github repository with the vocabulary data for textbooks and core lists. []

Creating Efficient and Accurate Vocabulary Lists

An in-depth, step-by-step guid to vocabulary list creation, from lemmatization to print or digital publication.

Open-Source Commentary Platform

CommentarySandbox is an open-source Wordpress plugin that allows you to create DCC-style commentaries with the ease of Wordpress.