Meet Our Team

Project Directors

Picture of Mulligan
Bret Mulligan

Project Director

Associate Professor of Classics, Haverford College

Current Contributors

Pietro Santachiara

PhD student in Information Studies, UCLA;

LEADING Data Science Fellow supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) RE-246450-OLS-20.

Yiting Zou

Digital Scholarship Student Worker

Advisory Board

Past Developers and Contributors

  • Gulesh Shukla '22

  • Carter Langen '22

  • Samuel Tan ‘23

  • Aleena Maryam ‘21

  • Jack Raisel '17

  • James Faville ‘19

  • Julie Ta '16

  • Laurie Allen (Coordinator for Digital Scholarship and Services)

  • Michael Zarafonetis (Digital Scholarship Librarian)

  • Fiona Xu ‘21

  • Dylan Emery ‘19

  • Noor Fatima ‘21

  • Byron Biney '19 Swarthmore

  • Blair Rush '16

  • Margaret Schaus (Lead Research and Instruction Librarian)

  • Jennifer Rajchel (Assistant Director, Tri-Co Digital Humanities)

  • Archana Kaku (Tri-Co Digital Humanities Program Coordinator, Bryn Mawr College)

Additional Credits

The project has been made possible by a legion of contributors who have worked to lemmatize texts; these are credited in the individual entries on the “About Texts” page.

Data for some ancient texts were generously provided by the Laboratoire d'Analyse Statistique des Langues Anciennes at the Université de Liège. The development of The Bridge was made possible by the financial support of Haverford College (2014-2022), a Program Grant from the Classical Association of the Atlantic States (2015)  a Mellon Digital Humanities Grant (2014-2015). The image on the landing page of The Bridge is of the Pont du Gard by Benh LIEU SONG under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license. The Bridge and its byproducts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.