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DCC Latin Core
50 Most Important Latin Verbs
Colby Latin List (Years 1-4)
Caesar, Bellum Gallicum
Catullus, Poems
Cicero, De Imperio
Cicero, Pro Caelio
Cicero, In Verrem 2
Gesta Romanorum
Gibbs' Brevissima
Hyginus, Fabulae (Selections)
Nepos, Life of Hannibal
Ovid, Amores 1
Ovid, Metamorphoses 1
Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles
Tacitus, Annales 15
Vergil, Aeneid
Vergil, Eclogue 1
Cambridge Latin Course
Classical Latin (McKeown)
Disce! (Kitchell-Sienkewicz)
Ecce Romani (Chs. 1-54)
Introduction to Latin (Shelmerdine)
Jenney's First Year Latin Red (Jenney-Scudder-Baade)
Jenney's First Year Latin Purple (Jenney-Scudder-Baade)
Latin: an Intensive Course (Moreland-Fleischer)
Latin for Americans 1 (Ullman-Henderson)
Latin for Americans 2 (Ullman-Henderson)
Latin for the New Millenium Vol. 1 (Tunberg-Minkova)
Latin for the New Millenium Vol. 2 (Tunberg-Minkova)
Learn to Read Latin (Keller-Russell)
Oxford Latin Course (Balme-Morwood)
Oxford Latin Course: College (Balme-Morwood)
Wheelock's Latin (LaFleur)
Wiley's Real Latin (Maltby-Belcher)